Company Culture

We do our best to maintain a team atmosphere at Lombardo. While we may be small in numbers we make up for it by making sure everyone has the support and confidence to do their job to the best of their ability. Lombardo sticks closely to their family values and goes above and beyond to ensure that all of our employees are appreciated and valued.

Lombardo Cares

At Lombardo we strive to provide the same level of satisfaction to our employees as we do our residents. We offer an extensive list of benefits to ensure our employees get the most out of their experience with us here at Lombardo Property Management.

Included Benefits

  • Paid Vacation, sick and personal days.
  • Company provided life insurance ($50,000)
  • Full benefits package including health, dental, vision, long-term disability, voluntary life insurance, flexible spending account, and accident insurance.
  • 401 k and 401 k matching plans